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Training methods

Client demonstrating diverse training methods for personalized fitness.

Pregnancy Training

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

If you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy training can help to reduce pain and aches occurring due to the progression of the pregnancy. You will feel more balanced and aware of your body and gain strength to master your daily tasks. The female body changes fast during these very special 9 months. Especially during the first months, where pregnancy symptoms are less obvious it is important to start training to then be more familiar with the movement patterns and exercises when being a couple of months into pregnancy. The intensity of the training depends on your background in sports and your level of fitness while being pregnant.  Most women I have been guiding through this progress had less complications during delivery and been feeling overall more fit during their pregnancy. 

When is the best moment to start training while being pregnant?

If you are already a sports person you will most likely be continuing with your usual routine. At the very start it is important to think of the sports you will be able to continuing towards the end of your pregnancy. Meaning if you already know that there might be a limit to your exercising start contacting a coach to assist you from the first months on. Especially when working with weights it is recommended to limit the intensity after a couple of months into your pregnancy. Certain exercises and positions are not recommended and need to be changed. The earlier you start with a coaching the better and more effective it will be for you. 

Injury Recovery Prevention 

I am suffering from chronic pain can I train?

Absolutely, before starting though you should assess your condition with a competent physician or health professional. Chronic pain arises usually from an incident you might have experienced in the past. Together we can work on your condition. That might mean increasing flexibility, avoiding certain movements for a time, working on individual exercises you should be including in your routine, weight lifting techniques you should apply in your routine, and elevation of your fitness level and body awareness.

I was undergoing surgery can I train?

After surgery completion and successfully completing your therapeutic trainings you are welcome to further work on your injury recovery with me. If you need a physical therapist after surgery please contact me. I work together with an interdisciplinary team of great and experienced therapists.

Client demonstrating diverse training methods for personalized fitness.
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