A quick fix for back pain, restraints and fundamentals to be flexible


Post operation treatment, treating back, knee and shoulder injuries


Corporate trainings, small group trainings, couple workouts


Fundamentals for lifting heavy, olympic weightlifting


Gymnastic fundamentals, Handstand basics, TRX, Ring Work


Meine eigens entwickelten Programme bringen Ihre Kalorien zum Schmelzen, kurbeln Ihren Stoffwechsel an und verbessern Ihre allgemeine Gesundheit. Eine Kombination aus speziellen Übungen sowie einer gesunden Ernährung wird Sie in Topform bringen.

Llifting Weights


1500 CHF

10 training sessions

Find your way into a new training within the first sessions. Each session will last 60 minutes and will be held at GO Personal Training. The facility offers you high end equipment, machines such as beauty products and shower towels. Just bring your sports clothing and get started. Outdoor trainings and individual locations are doable in agreement with the coach.

150 CHF

1 trial session

Get to know the coach and location. If it`s your first time this is a good way to find out if you enjoy Personal Training. Within 60 minutes I will discuss with you health questions and give you a glimpse of how a session looks like. I will guide you through basic movements and analyze your current state of health.