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About me

A few words to describe me and what I do

I am a passionate sports person ever since. You will find me most times outdoors, in the mountains, or somewhere indoors at a climbing hall. From tennis, to gymnastics, and triathlon. I am offering a wide range of disciplines that I had the chance to dive into. Golf, Ninja Warrior, Pilates and Yoga, there is almost no sport that I have not at least tried once. Growing up I started with tennis and developed a deep passion for it. As this sport and my coach back then set the tone for the rest of my sport development, I am trying to give this feeling of deep passion back to you. Besides my passion for sport I am a Health Scientist (MSc Health Science) and very interested in the field of Longevity and Healthy Aging. My goal is to transfer bigger concepts down to the field of training and provide you with the best knowledge so that you can live a healthier and more balanced life. 

My Approach

The way I view sports and health impacts my way of guidance that you will receive during the trainings with me. I deeply believe that in order to feel balanced you must achieve balance in most of your actions. Sport is one milestone out of many that can help you to take time for yourself and pay attention to the health of your own body. It is the time to connect and to tune into yourself. The main goal in my coaching is to provide you with the toolbox that allows you to understand your own needs, strengths, weaknesses and learnings better. We take small steps and work on the basis of movement patterns first, before pushing you to your own limits. A private studio and surrounding in the heart of Zurich allows you to feel comfortable and safe. 

During my professional career I was trained to work together closely with Physiotherapists, which allowed me to dive deeper into the field of injury and recovery. Especially at the beginning of my career this set the tone for my way of working and providing health benefits. For any type of training may it be performance based or health oriented it is necessary to understand the underlying mechanisms and especially the context in which you may benefit from a certain range of skills and way of using exercise to assist your needs. 

Thinking of training, nutrition, therapeutic assessments as an investment into your own health and maybe even as an investment that may be able to give back healthy years of living. Training is only one milestone in the context of health. I am happy to assist you with further health questions and get you in touch with the right health professionals in case you need guidance in different fields.



Nutrition Science

Stanford University, USA


MSc Health Sciences

University Lucerne, Switzerland


Swiss Paraplegic Center

Notwill, Switzerland


Master Business Administration

ZHAW, Winterthur, Switzerland


Self-Employed Personaltraining

Zurich, Switzerland


London School of Economics

London, UK


Certified Mobility Trainer

Munich, Germany


Exos Performance Mentorship 1-3

Zug, Switzerland

Herzogenaurach, Germany


Bachelor Arts Fitness & Economics

Dipl. Trainer Sportrehabilitation

Dipl. Trainer Nutrition B-License

DHfPG Munich, Germany

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Evelyn Ludwig in an outdoor sports environment, showcasing her passion for fitness.

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