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Personal Training

Carefully selected and tailored workouts that fit your purpose and point in life

Start your health journey now

Premium health coaching that lasts a lifetime

Certified and experienced

Flexible booking

Feel better instantly

Isabelle, Z.

"Fitness brings along aesthetics, not the other way around. This of course comes from her own education in sports and genuine love for being active and healthy. Highly recommend!"

Central location

Training that fits your needs

Achieve longterm goals

Discover the Power of 1:1 Coaching


Personalized Guidance

With my 1:1 coaching, you get undivided attention from an experienced coach who is fully committed to helping you reach your objectives. Your journey is uniquely yours, and your coaching should be too.


Unwavering Support

Throughout your coaching journey, you'll have a trusted partner by your side, offering motivation, guidance, and a listening ear. I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Goal Achievement

I help you set clear, actionable goals and provide the strategies and tools to help you achieve them. Your success is my top priority.


Flexible Sessions

I understand that life can be busy, so I work around your schedule to ensure that you can fit coaching into your life seamlessly. I'm here when you need me.


Confidential and Trusting

My coaching sessions provide a confidential, safe space for you to express yourself, explore your challenges, and grow without judgment.

Counseling & Coaching

Benefit from my wide-ranging repertoire and expertise in the sports field. From therapeutic training to prenatal coaching, I am offering a variety of training you might be interested in. Carefully selected workouts are waiting for you during the classes. Challenge your body without stressing it. During the workout, we decrease and minimize non-efficient movements and increase your performance from the first day. Learn more about me 

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