I can offer you a professional guidance with science-backed training methods. With my expertise I can help you reach the best health and fitness possible. I am there for you to answer all questions related to sports and individual well- being as a Personal Trainer in Zurich. Within my training portfolio I focus on improving general movements, stability and strength. I teach you how to activate and steer your body and help you improve techniques in your individual sports or related contexts. 

I am a certified Personal Trainer, Health Scientist and sport freak ever since. My mission is to help you find, improve, strengthen your passion for sports too and feel better while doing it. 

MSc Health Sciences, University Lucerene

B.A. Fitness and Economics 


EXOS Performance Coach

Perform Better Certified Mobility Trainer

DHfPG Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz

GO Personal Training Zurich

Sportclinic Zurich

NYSC Luxor Zurich


INDIGO Fitness Zurich