Offering you a professional guidance through training and health questions as a Personal Trainer in Zurich.

Growing up my main sports been tennis, volleyball and skiing. Nowadays I find myself in even more different sports, such as weightlifting, triathlon, Obsticle Course Races, Ninja Warrior Parcours, Climbing and outdoor races. Mainly everything that challenges me and teaches me more about my body.  Throughout my career as a health professional I`ve been working together closely with physiotherapists and osteopaths where i developed quite quickly my approach to a proper movement and coaching technique. Now I find myself teaching a big variety of people with different backgrounds. As a good coach I try to ensure that the individual needs of each client are met a 100%. This means to work differently and treat, see and hear every person in a unique way. My goal is to not only make athletes and sport lovers better, but also help the ones out there who struggle to start and make their way into sports a whole lot more easier and smoother. Don`t wait for it, get to know me and my training style in our first trial session.



A proper coaching can last for a life time

My goal ist to keep you in the game as long as possible. What changes is not only the physical state but also the mental condition towards movement. Get ready to feel energized, more balanced and fit. The human body needs to move. Let me help you to find your way and reach your own personal fitness goals. Don`t hesitate and drop me a message to set up a trial training.



MSc Health Sciences, University Lucerene

B.A. Fitness and Economics 

EXOS Performance Coach

Perform Better Certified Mobility Trainer

DHfPG Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz

GO Personal Training Zurich

Sportclinic Zurich

NYSC Luxor Zurich


INDIGO Fitness Zurich

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