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As a Health Scientist and Sports Coach I am able to provide you with professional guidance through science-backed training methods. My expertise can assist you in achieving the highest level of fitness and health. As a Personal Trainer in Zurich, I can answer all your questions about sports and individual well-being during our training session. As part of my training portfolio, I focus on improving injuries, general movements, stability, mobility and strength. You will learn how to activate your body and improve techniques in your sports that will last a lifetime. 

In addition to being a certified Personal Trainer, I am also a Health Scientist and an avid sports fanatic. It is my mission to help you find, improve, and strengthen your passion for sports and feel better while doing so

My +10 years of experience as a coach has taught me that training combined with a holistic approach can have a profound impact on your personal wellbeing and quality of life. The secret is not some magic, the secret is sweat, energy, dedication and the knowledge I share with you.

MSc Health Sciences, University Lucerne
B.A. Fitness and Economics, Munich 
EXOS Performance Coach
Perform Better Certified Mobility Trainer
DHfPG Fitnesstrainer B-Lizenz

GO Personal Training Zurich
Sportclinic Zurich
NYSC Luxor Zurich
INDIGO Fitness Zurich

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