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Pregnancy Training

Safe, guided and tailored training for an optimal health during pregnancy.

“Evelyn worked out with me through my entire pregnancy and dare I say she was not a reason for a smooth pregnancy and delivery”

The benefits of Personal Training during pregnancy

When should I start to train?

The earlier, the better. The female body is undergoing immense changes during pregnancy. In the early stages of your pregnancy where pregnancy signs are less visible, it is important to create movement patterns that are helpful at a later stage, when training is getting tougher due to a change in your physique. Before every start of a training I advise to counsel with a physician. Communication and counseling with the physician during your pregnancy plays a key role. 

How intense will the training be?

The intensity of the training depends on your background in sports and your condition when starting with the training. Over the course of the pregnancy, the intensity will ultimately decrease to ensure safety and correct movements. Training during pregnancy has shown to improve general health in pregnant women and in some cases help to assist in a smooth delivery. 

Why should I start training?

Sport during pregnancy does not only minimize and decrease back pain and other pregnancy symptoms but it also enhances the overall health and wellbeing of the unborn child and mother. Delivery is usually also experienced as less strenuous and the risk for depression during pregnancy is minimized by movement. 

Evelyn Ludwig in an outdoor sports environment, showcasing her passion for fitness.

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